Monday, April 29, 2013

Getting ready!

The flight has been booked.  The hotel has been reserved.  And I got my transport, a little Kia Rio, waiting.  Come mid-May, I'm taking a trip to Kansas City, MO.  What's in KC, you ask?  Well, one, the greatest BBQ in the world.  Two, Hallmark Cards (and the great friends I met when I interned there). And, three, the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 2 fantasy illustration convention.  Chowing down BBQ'd burnt ends and seeing some old friends will be great, but the purpose of the trip is #3.

I've never been to a convention like this!  I'm very excited and nervous at the same time (but mostly the former)!  For those that don't know, Spectrum Fantastical Art is a juried annual publication that showcases some of the best illustrators in the scifi/fantasy industry.  It's been around for many years and their books are always a source of inspiration for me.  Well, last year they created a very successful convention that brings all the greatest talents together in one place for a weekend.  I wasn't able to make it last year, but I decided I couldn't miss this one.  Looking through the list of exhibitors is crazy!  All the fantasy artists that I've loved for years will be there.  And I can go and chat with them.  There will be seminars, demos, and even portfolio reviews (I was lucky to secure three interviews Saturday morning!).  Should be a great time and I'll let you know how it turns out after it's over.  In the meantime, here's the promo card I got printed for the occasion.  I'll probably do a process post of this illustration later.

Hope it goes well!  Thanks for stopping by!

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