Monday, October 28, 2013

Plain and Precious: An Animated Short...The Teaser Poster is done

Hey all!  I finally finished the teaser poster for my upcoming short film Plain and Precious.

Plain & Precious is the story of a poor farmer who discovers the last remains of an old magical forest once filled with amazing fruits.  It's a story of hardship and courage that helps us remember that great things can come from small and simple sources.

My plan with this story is to create a short motion graphic film to be finished in mid to late 2014.  After finishing the storyboards and some additional visual development, I'm going to take it to Kickstarter and try to get some additional funds that will allow me to dedicate full-time work to the project.  So please check back often.

In the meantime, I'm in the process of printing a run of 18x24 posters.  I have a poster signing scheduled for 4pm on Saturday at the Stuart Ng booth.  Posters bought at the event cost $10.  After the event, I'll try to make more posters available to purchase through my site. 

Anyway, thanks for your support!  More to come!


Lois said...

It looks amazing, Andrew. I'm looking forward to purchasing one of the posters, and even more to seeing the finished product. Good luck with this.

Steven Knudsen said...

Wow, the lighting is great! I really love your rendering style. I'd love to see more tutorials, I'm curious how you use lighting layers(if at all) for a complicated painting like this. Can't wait to see more!