Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Wit's End...

The English have a cool tradition of naming your homes.  When I was a missionary there in the late 90's, I would come across a variety of interesting names.  Most reflected the nature of the property or said something about the owner.  Dairy House, The Laurels, or The Vicarage. 

One day I found a house that stood out over all the rest.  It was called The Wit's End.  I knew that if I ever had my own studio, that is what it would be called.  So, fast forward 13 years, and I'm now fortunate enough to have that private studio and it needs a name and logo.  I've been messing around with different styles and themes but have really been inspired by more classic vintage labels.  Here are some of the ideas I've been playing with.  As soon as the final is complete, I'll post it here!  Enjoy!

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