Monday, September 09, 2013

It's Postcard Season...

Being a full-time freelancer, I have to devote a fair amount of time to marketing.  And for an illustrator, that means postcards.  It's amazing how simple the delivery is, yet it still remains the preferred form of contact for most art directors in the publishing industry.  I've been gathering names and addresses for months now and I'm almost there.  Last thing to do is create the postcards.  Below is a peek at one of the unfinished pieces I'm designing specifically for this marketing campaign.  Still a ways to go, but when it's done, I'll post the final.

I'm not yet an expert in postcard design or marketing strategies.  But as I learn from my successes and failures, I'll surely pass along any valuable nuggets of info I find.  In the meantime, check out the work and advice of Jeff Szuc.  He's a great artist with some valuable thoughts on the postcard marketing season.  Enjoy!

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Hannah said...

Wow your artwork is awesome! Thanks for sharing it on here. And love the name of your studio by the way... :)