Monday, February 27, 2012

Noah Bradley's The Art of Freelancing

Becoming a full-time freelancer has been a long term goal of mine for years.  But it's not an easy path to take.  I did it while getting my BFA and somehow my wife, our two kids, and I made it through the experience alive.  After graduation, we were relieved when the offers for in-house positions came in.  Now, after being in the industry for 5 years, I'm beginning to get that freelancing itch.  My family has grown and we still like to eat, so the idea is still a daunting one to consider.  But I recently found a great video seminar that was insightful and inspiring at the same time.

Noah Bradley's Art of Freelancing is a 5 hour lecture that covers a wide variety of professional tips and strategies specific to the fantasy illustration and concept art world.  From contracts and conventions to marketing and art directors, this video is great for starting freelancers and those considering the possibility of full-time.  He makes many of the typically scary parts of freelancing (like marketing and networking) seem doable and even fun.  Noah makes a point of labeling himself as a freelancer that has to work for his commissions.  Which makes his perspective that much more valuable to me.  I feel like he could be the "me" I might become in one or two years.  And that's a very hopeful part of the lecture.  In addition, his nature, and the way he presents this video and the other provided resources, feels very approachable.  If I were to send him an email with a question (have a few), I expect he would respond.

At $57, it's an investment.  But a very worthwhile investment, in my opinion.  It's more than buying a video.  It's like joining a network.  Check out his site (link above) and watch the 30 minute preview.  Very awesome!  Thanks, Noah, for sharing!

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