Wednesday, February 17, 2010

AuthorCulture's "Spin the Wheel" Writing Competition!

Hey all! A lot of exciting things have been happening and I need to leave an update soon. But before that happens I need give a shout-out to a great writing blog and a very talented author.

A few months ago, author Linda Yezak contacted me. Her writing blog (AuthorCulture) was hosting a short story writing competition and she wanted to use the Brainstormer as a tool in the competition. The idea was to spin the Brainstormer and write a story based on the word association combos that came up (exactly what the Brainstormer was created for). I was very excited and happy to offer my support to the competition and to the site. AuthorCulture is a great resource for authors of all levels. Definitely check it out (see link above)!

Well, the competition came, stories were entered, and a winner has been chosen. Congratulations to Kate Mahoney for her fantastic short story, "Human History"! It's a very clever take on the word combos she used...Self-sacrifice/dystopian/UN conference room. Though I'm finding many people are enjoying the Brainstormer as a novelty (and it is fun in that way too), it is rare to find someone willing to really challenge themselves and make something great out of an unusual word association. But Kate has done that. And she did a fantastic job. Though the story is quite short, it is too long to post here. Hopefully Kate will post the story on her blog ( soon. Congrats again to Kate! Well done!

Kate's Bio:
Kate is 22 and a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. In between tossing resumes to the wind, she enjoys writing and running. Her fondest ambition (other than finally being able to move out of her parent’s house) is to be a published author, and her biggest vice is the lure of books when she should otherwise be looking on Monster. Unemployment aside, she does secretly love being at home, because home is where the cats are; Blackie, Misty, and Roger, who are as much a part of the family as its human members. Her blog, ruminates on topics as diverse as her writing travails and the uncovering of her computer’s plot to one day take over the world (or at least her bedroom).


Lisa and company said...

The first time I saw the Brainstormer I totally thought it would be a great too for writers! How awesome that it is being put to good use.

Linda Yezak said...

Thanks for the link, Andrew! Kate's post is running on our site. If anyone wants to read it, they can catch it on AuthorCulture.

Savage As Duck said...

Hey Andrew Bosley! I happened to literally Stumble Upon your pinwheel and I was blown away! I am a musician and writer (sort of) and I think a great album concept would be to use your wheel to inspire each song and story behind it. What do you think?

-Laura Daegling